Electric Chain Hoist
  • Electric Chain Hoist
    • YS series
    • SH series
    • NHD series
    • Portable Hoist
    • Lifting Hoists, Hoist Lifting
    • Electric Chain Hoist (Low Headroom) (NHTD)
    • Electric Chain Hoist (Low Headroom) (YLT/YHT/YST)
    • Electric Chain Hoist (Low Headroom) (YLTU/YHTU/YSTU)
  • Manual Chain Hoist
    • Hand Chain Block
    • Lever Hoist
  • Air Chain Hoist
    • Generation I - Air Chain Hoist
    • Generation II - Air Chain Hoist
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoist
    • Electric Wire Rope Hoist (AC brake)
    • Electric Wire Rope Hoist (DC brake)
    • Electric Wire Rope Hoist (USA type)
    • Electric Wire Rope Hoist (PM series)
    • Economy Wire Rope Crab
    • Open Type Crab Trolley
  • Trolley
    • Plain Trolley
    • Geared Trolley
    • Monorail Motorized Trolley
Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Jib Crane Crane Components
  • End Truck & Drive
    • Gear Reducer Motor
    • Hollow Shaft Drive Wheel Block
    • All in One Drivers
    • Wheel Head type End Truck
  • Soft Start / Stop Reduction Gear Motor
    • G1(Soft Star / Stop)
    • G2 (Soft Start / Stop)
    • G3 (Soft Start / Stop)
    • G4 (Soft Start / Stop)
    • G5 (Soft Start / Stop)
    • G6 (Soft Start / Stop)
    • G7 (Soft Start / Stop)
  • Wheels
    • GW/PW-1209
    • GW/PW-2530
    • SGW
Elevator Traction Machine

Professional cranes & hoists for lifting

In 1990, BLACK BEAR products were officially launched to Vietnam market. Quang Lien Crane Elevator Co., Ltd was established in 1995 with over 20 years of business experience. Quang Lien has obtained lifting equipment manufacturing license (15/GP-TBN) and elevator and freight elevator manufacturing license (15/GP-TM), issued by the National Labor Security Inspection Bureau. In addition, Quang Lien was authorized by Taiwan Cheng Day Machinery Works Co., Ltd. to represent its BLACK BEAR brand electric hoist related products in Vietnam market.

Professional stationary crane manufacturer

Hoitech Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1985. Through years of hard cultivation and professional operation, the company size has expanded gradually and the company business has grown up significantly as well. Hoitech is a professional manufacturer of fixed type crane, and has been certified by type inspection. As such, all quality control managements and manufacturing processes at Hoitech are all conducted according to the regulations of the type inspection. From engineering planning to installation, each step is thoroughly conducted under our company consents -「Technology, service, Dependability, safety」. We always do our best for each engineering project to achieve the optimal lifting performance.​